A unique strength of MODICELL to advance the field of immune therapy, including immune cell transfer, is its structure, which is essentially founded on a close collaborative interaction between computer immune modelling and standard experimentation. Using this structure, MODICELL will identify the effect of distinct input signals to Dendritic cells or T cells or their combination on the ‘decision making’ of immune system responses.

Addressing the field of immune decision making by bioinformatics and in silico modeling will lead to the identification of new biomarkers, which reliably predict how T cell population will respond to a given stimulus – mounting immune effector or tolerogenic responses.

Thus, MODICELL will finally contribute to a better understanding and better utilization of cell therapies.

Project Title: MODICELL

Project No.: 285875

Coordinator: Andreas Heitger

Start: 01/01/2013

Duration: 48 months


CORDIS: Project Details


The Project recieves funding from the European Union FP7-People Programme under grant agreement n° 285875

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