So far, the successes of immune cell therapies have been limited. This is partly due to the immense plasticity of immune cells after transfer in vivo. Immune cell plasticity is imposed on T cells by microenvironmental conditions. These can turn immunologically quiescent, putatively tolerant cells into inflammatory cells and result in immune activation instead of tolerance, or result in dampened activity of inflammatory cells. However, both, T cell tolerance and T cell effector immunity can be observed as definite outcomes in transplantation or cancer.

The comprehensive analyses of T cells as planned in MODICELL are expected to reveal critical pathways guiding these outcomes. Within MODICELL, we envision to identify biomarkers and to exploit them for eventually optimizing cell therapies adapted to the patients’ needs.


Currently, no reliable prognostic biomarker or companion diagnostic is available for cancer immune therapy. One reason is that the immune response takes place in the tumour but there is only easy access to peripheral blood, accept in cases of surgery for initial tumour mass reduction. An in silico model of the immune status at the tumour site based on observations from peripheral blood may allow to make critical decisions regarding scheduling of boost immunisations, judge imminent danger for the immune system to loose control of tumour growth and many other applications.


Current measurement technologies produce massive data sets that require sophisticated analysis algorithms. Furthermore, these massive data sets allow to test very specific questions by using in silico models. MODICELL establishes international multidisciplinary collaboration that allows to build automated analysis for immunological questions.

Project Title: MODICELL

Project No.: 285875

Coordinator: Andreas Heitger

Start: 01/01/2013

Duration: 48 months

Contact: office@modicell.eu

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The Project recieves funding from the European Union FP7-People Programme under grant agreement n° 285875

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