The overall objective of the project MODICELL is to improve the therapeutic efficacy of immune cell therapies, which are currently a main area of research in cancer and transplantation.

Cancer and transplantation are among the most frequent conditions world-wide, in which immune system alterations play a critical role. In these diseases, immune system alterations involve opposite ends:

  • immune paralysis prevailing in cancer progression and
  • inappropriate immune activation leading to rejection of the graft or graft-versus-host disease.

MODICELL aims to advance the understanding of the complex regulations of the immune cell interactions and will aid to effectively design immune cell therapies driving immune cells towards active or tolerant immune system responses appropriate to the patients’ needs.


Project Title: MODICELL

Project No.: 285875

Coordinator: Andreas Heitger

Start: 01/01/2013

Duration: 48 months

Contact: office@modicell.eu

CORDIS: Project Details


The Project recieves funding from the European Union FP7-People Programme under grant agreement n° 285875

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