Scientific publications from MODICELL fellows

Rifatbegovic, F., et al. (2018). "Neuroblastoma cells undergo transcriptomic alterations upon dissemination into the bone marrow and subsequent tumor progression." Int J Cancer 142(2): 297-307.

Dillinger, B., et al. (2017). "CD28 Blockade Ex Vivo Induces Alloantigen-Specific Immune Tolerance but Preserves T-Cell Pathogen Reactivity." Front Immunol 8: 1152.

Hibsh, D., et al. (2016). "Quantification of read species behavior within whole genome sequencing of cancer genomes for the stratification and visualization of genomic variation." Nucleic Acids Res 44(9): e81.

Project Title: MODICELL

Project No.: 285875

Coordinator: Andreas Heitger

Start: 01/01/2013

Duration: 48 months


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The Project recieves funding from the European Union FP7-People Programme under grant agreement n° 285875

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